What To Do When Facing a Criminal Defense

Dealing with a criminal charge can be daunting. Many of those who get involved in a criminal defense case as a defendant are confused and uncertain about how to proceed.

What To Do When Facing a Criminal ChargeHaving a basic understanding of what to expect in a criminal case can be a significant comfort to someone who’s fighting a charge, and a way to make sure that as a defendant, they have proper legal counsel.

Here are some time-tested tips for fighting a criminal charge.

Stay Quiet

Experienced criminal defense lawyers will often warn their clients about the perils of saying too much too quickly – whether it’s to law enforcement or any other involved party. That’s because experienced lawyers know that the purpose of interrogation is to get any possible leverage against the defendant. A good criminal defense lawyer will tell a client not to speak without his or her lawyer present, and to invoke his or her Fifth Amendment privileges in conversations that he or she is not sure about.

Go About Life as Usual

Generally, when facing a criminal charge, it’s a good idea to stick to a usual routine. Sudden changes can cause problems down the road. For instance, a move across the country can look bad to a court later, and may impact someone’s perception as a flight risk. Sudden disappearances at a job and other changes can also be harmful. It’s best to keep up a typical routine and simply wait for the next phase of the criminal case to commence.

Get the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Another important step is to secure the services of a professional criminal defense attorney or team. It’s also critical to figure out criminal defense specialization – for instance, whether a client is facing federal or state charges, and which lawyers are most effective for each. Multiple lawyers may have multiple roles in regard to representation. Overall, the client must make sure that he or she is in the hands of an experienced firm that can deal with the specific charges that he or she is facing.

Build a Criminal Defense Strategy

Working with a criminal defense lawyer, the defendant can start to figure out a strategy for criminal defense. As pointed out in this Findlaw resource, a criminal defense strategy doesn’t mean inventing a story. It means creating a narrative based on truthful facts and evidence that will appeal to a court or jury. Professional criminal defense lawyers understand how courts work, and what types of testimony will resonate with officials.

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