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washington dc excessive force lawyerThe job of police officers is to serve and protect the public. While there are many good cops out there who are only concerned about performing their job to the best of their ability, there are also some bad apples. During an attempt to subdue a suspect, a police officer is allowed to use a certain degree of force. In some instances, the force used by a cop will be deemed as excessive. A lot of injuries can result from the use of excessive force by a law enforcement officer.

Have you experienced excessive force in a recent interaction with law enforcement? While this incident may leave you feeling panicked and confused, you will need to seek out some legal advice regarding what your next move should be. The McDaniel Law Group, PLLC have helped a variety of clients pick up the pieces following an encounter with a police officer who used excessive force. Our lawyers are here to help you and genuinely care about the outcome of your case. Coming in for a consultation is a great way for our lawyers to get the details they need to advise you on whether or not you need to pursue a lawsuit.

Startling Statistics Regarding Excessive Force

Excessive force complaints and lawsuits are a lot more common than most people realize. When law enforcement steps over the line of what is considered reasonable force, our lawyers will be there to get justice for victims. The following are some of the most startling statistics regarding the use of excessive force by police officers.

  • Nearly 27,000 complaints were filed against law enforcement agencies last year for excessive force.
  • Only 8% of these claims were sustained, while nearly 25% were deemed unfounded.
  • 19% of all municipal police departments have a civilian complaint review board.
  • Most of the excessive force complaints filed are settled out of court.

Without the right legal help, getting compensation for the injuries you have sustained in an excessive force incident can be difficult. Come in and take with the team at the McDaniel Law Group, PLLC to find out how we can help. Our excessive force lawyers will be able to help you build a case against the police officers who have wronged you.

Dealing With Different Types of Excessive Force

When handling an excessive force case, we will ask the law enforcement agency in question a variety of things to find out why such force was used. By asking these questions, we are able to start building a case for the victim of this excessive force. Below are some of the most common sources of excessive force and the questions we generally have when these methods are used on one of our clients.

  • Using Police Batons- Among the most common tools used during an excessive force incident is a police baton. These small, but powerful, batons can inflict a lot of pain and may lead to severe injuries. One of the first things we try to find out when these batons are used is whether or not the police officer followed proper procedure. If the baton was used to hit a client in the head, then this will immediately constitute excessive force. We also determine whether or not the police officer stopped using the police baton once our client was subdued and if there was any significant bodily harm as a result of the excessive force.
  • Taser Use- A Taser produces an electrical charge that is meant to incapacitate the target. Often times, Tasers are used in incidents of excessive force. The main thing we want to find out when a Taser has been used on our client is whether or not they were posing a threat to the officers. Merely being verbally combative is not reason enough for law enforcement to use a Taser. If the Taser is used after cuffs are on a person, then this will usually be grounds for an excessive force lawsuit.
  • Pepper Spray- Another non-lethal tool used by officers in their attempt to subdue a person is pepper spray. The first thing we want to know when this type of non-lethal weapon is used is whether or not it was warranted. Our lawyers will also find out whether or not the officer sprayed this substance into the mouth or nose of our client at close range. By finding out all of these factors, we will b be able to find out whether or not we need to pursue a lawsuit against the law enforcement agency in question.

By getting help from our team of Washington D.C. excessive force lawyers, you will be able to find out all of the pertinent details surround your case.

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