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washington dc civil rights attorneysThe Constitution of the United States guarantees certain liberties, freedoms, and rights to American citizens. These fundamental liberties include the common sense guarantees that a person will…

  • Not be killed, injured, or abused.
  • Not be searched or forced into handing over private or personal property without justifiable cause and due compensation.
  • Be able to move freely and unrestrained when acting lawfully.
  • Be able to assemble peaceably in a group with others.
  • Be able to exercise rights of free speech and expression without fear of retaliation.
  • Be able to enjoy freedom of religion without public or governmental persecution.
  • Enjoy privacy in all matters as long as you’re not violating the rights of others.
  • Be allowed equal protection under all state and federal laws.
  • Be free to engage in and exercise political rights.

Your Washington DC Civil Rights Attorneys

In addition to constitutional rights, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees that Americans cannot be discriminated against based on age, sex, gender, religious affiliation, or race. Precedent law from the Supreme Court down is also extending equality rights to include protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation as well.

The umbrella protecting human rights is not yet complete. But today, no matter what you look like, what you believe in, or whom you love, your civil rights protect you against discrimination in employment, promotions, wages, education, and social interactions that are common to everyone.

In short: The United States government ensures a variety of equal rights and freedoms to its citizens. However, although the government says you’re entitled to these rights, that doesn’t automatically ensure that you’ll get them. Just because they’re the law, doesn’t mean they can’t be ignored. So, what do you do when someone else violates your rights?

You turn to The McDaniel Law Group, PLLC

Determining Civil Right Violations

When you’re ridiculed, injured, or just plain discriminated against, you deserve the opportunity to stand up for yourself and right the wrong that was done to you or your family. The McDaniel Law Group, PLLC, has spent countless hours helping people like you get the justice and atonement they deserved when their rights had been violated. Isn’t it time you seized the opportunity to get help? We think you deserve not only a helping hand but aggressive and determined support. Your government guarantees your rights, and we’re here to enforce that guarantee.

Our Washington DC Civil Rights Attorneys wants to make sure that you’re as confident and determined as we are to pursue your civil rights claim, no matter how or why you feel your rights have been abused. This is why strive to combine our knowledge, experience, and fortitude into representing all aspects of civil rights law, including cases dealing with:

  • Constitutional rights and mistreatment. When an individual, group, or corporation willfully discriminates against you, purposefully ignores your constitutional freedoms, or renounces your freedoms causing injury, you are entitled to a redress for the harm done to you.
  • Excessive force. This occurs when law enforcement or individuals use inappropriate, needless, or harmful force to attempt to control you or a situation you are in. Some cases of excessive force have led to permanent injuries and even wrongful deaths.
  • Malicious prosecution. Inappropriate, unlawful, or biased prosecution of a crime. This can include police, prosecutors, and judges denying you your fundamental rights such as the right to a jury or to proper counsel, or intentionally misrepresenting the crime in order to promote more severe sentencing.
  • Accidental catastrophic injuries. This category includes cases dealing with accidental injury claims in which liability is called into question; for example, you break your tailbone as a result of a fall in a store, yet the owner of the store claims that you shouldn’t have been walking there so he isn’t at fault.

Fighting Back

When your rights have been egregiously ignored and abused, we feel that you not only require comfort and justice, but you deserve compensation and emotional redemption. That is why we take pride in giving our clients the personal attention, tools, education, and advice they need—not only to build a strong case but also to build their own confidence and success. Isn’t it time we did the same for you? Set up an appointment today and see how our Washington DC Civil Rights Lawyers can help you with your claim by:

  • Analyzing your claim to ensure that you have a strong and viable case.
  • Discussing potential liability issues.
  • Reviewing all potential civil rights violations to ensure a strong and accurate claim.
  • Determining fair compensation ranges.
  • Laying out negotiation terms and options before a complaint is filed.
  • Clarifying the filing process for pursuing a complaint claim.
  • Educating you about all aspects of your claim’s procedures and answer any and all questions you may have.
  • Pressing the opposition to make sure your needs (and justice) are met.
  • Promoting a smooth and comfortable process by giving you the personal attention and support you need.
  • Working together to make sure your needs and concerns are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Personally guaranteeing an aggressive stance to push your claim through. We’re not scared to take your case to trial; in fact, we welcome the opportunity in order to make sure justice prevails.

As a result of these drives, our trial success rate is one of the highest in the city.

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