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Washington DC Auto Accident AttorneysDealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic auto accident can be nearly as painful as the accident itself. It’s positively cruel how—at a time you need all your stamina just to recover physically and emotionally—you must also face the confusion and strain of negotiating with the insurance company.

You wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.

Insurance companies can be utterly ruthless when it comes to settling injury claims. They’ll do just about anything to convince you to accept paltry compensation. They especially don’t like paying for extended hospital stays, severe injuries, or injuries that require long-term medical care. Add in the fact that you may not know your rights or how much you should be getting, and they have a pretty easy mark.

Your Washington DC Auto Accident Attorneys

However, with the help of an experienced Washington DC Auto Accident Attorneys, their expectations of cheap settlement fall flat. At the McDaniel Law Group, PLLC, we not only know the insurance games, but we also take pride in fighting to get you the justice you deserve.

The Fighter You Need to Get the Compensation Your Injuries Deserve

When you’re in a catastrophic auto accident, the last thing you want to do is have to fight for a fair settlement. Life has already beaten you down, you don’t deserve to have to bicker and battle your insurance company just to get the help you need. Unfortunately, this is generally the hand you’re dealt. Insurance companies will go out of their way in order to convince you to accept a lousy settlement. That is, unless you have a Washington DC Auto Accident Attorneys who is willing to fight back.

At the McDaniel Law Group, PLLC you’ll also get an aggressive strategist who won’t allow your insurance company to take advantage of you, no matter the extent of your car accident’s damages and injuries. In fact, to ensure that you’re not taken advantage of, we routinely represent victims with:

  • Severe injuries, such as brain trauma, spinal cord damage, amputations, internal injuries, etc.)
  • Extended medical treatment needs
  • Need for long-term care (recurring treatments, home nurse, hospice, etc.)
  • Surgical needs
  • Excessive medical bills as a result of their injuries
  • Employment problems resulting from the inability to work because of injuries

We have successfully represented plaintiffs whose injuries resulted from…

  • Pedestrian collisions. Whether you were the pedestrian who was hit or a negligent pedestrian caused your accident, you have the right to compensation.
  • Truck negligence, including rollovers, undercarriage collisions, jackknife crashes, drivers falling asleep at the wheel, etc.
  • Auto collisions. Fender benders, rear-end collisions, front or side impacts, reckless driving, drunk drivers, and many other circumstances can result in you or your family sustaining severe accident injuries.
  • Motorcycle accidents, including collisions resulting in severe road rash injuries; head, neck, spine, or brain trauma; broken limbs; amputation; or the wrongful death of a loved one.
  • Bus mishaps. Whether you’re a passenger in the bus, a pedestrian hit by a bus, or a driver who was injured in a bus crash, you deserve compensation for your injuries.
  • Driver incompetence. Any type of traffic violation caused by another that resulted in your or your family’s injuries needs to be made right—or as right as possible.

Taking Back Your Future

Instead of rolling over at the first offer, we fight to make sure you have options in order to get you the best settlement available. We do this by:

  • Analyzing your claim and assessing all of the damages.
  • Discussing exactly what your goals are for your claim.
  • Reviewing options.
  • Gathering significant evidence of your injuries: medical reports, police reports, witness statements, employer notes, etc.
  • Working with you directly to make sure our strategy fits what you want.
  • Determining the possible range of fair compensation.
  • Clarifying the filing process for your claim and what it entails.
  • Educating you about all aspects of your claim’s procedures and answering any and all questions you may have.
  • Pressing the opposition to make sure your needs (and justice) are met.
  • Promoting a smooth and comfortable process by giving you the personal attention and support you need.
  • Personally guaranteeing an aggressive stance to push your claim through. We’re not scared to take your case to trial, in fact, we welcome the opportunity in order to make sure justice prevails.

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We have spent the majority of our lives and our entire careers fighting to defend the rights of people like you. Our assertive and focused technique not only helps you build a strong claim, but it also deters insurance companies from trying to take advantage of your accident. Isn’t that the kind of representation you want from your Washington DC Auto Accident Lawyer?

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