Winning Over a Jury

It is really the ability to be personable — to understand that jurors are people just like you and I are. This is what makes a trial attorney successful in connection with jury trials. Additionally, it’s that ability to pick individuals who may be open minded to considering all of the evidence, which is very important in the jury trial process.

We have had great success with jury trials because we have been able to identify those questions that a jury would ask, and that means being able to identify with them on a personal level. Being able to provide them with information both harmful and helpful that they would see within the course of the trial. This gives credibility to the client and to the attorney when the attorney is arguing a certain position to a jury — both at opening, but may be even more importantly at a closing argument. Because in that closing argument, a jury would have the opportunity to hear from all of the sides. They would have had an opportunity at that point in time to determine whether or not an attorney is worthy of being trusted — whether the position that they are advancing at that point in time is worthy of any credibility. And it’s that connection with the jury that makes you successful in any jury trial — whether it be a personal injury jury trial or a civil case or a criminal case. It’s that ability to engender that level of trust with the jury that makes a trial attorney successful.