Legal Help if You Are Injured at a Public Establishment

Can we help you if, in fact, you have been injured at a public establishment? Many of our cases have dealt with individuals who have been injured in restaurants or in nightclubs or in public facilities here in the metropolitan area. Certainly, if you are in an establishment and, as a result of the negligence of some of the staff there at that establishment, you are injured by virtue of a slip and fall accident or possibly the intentional acts of the staff of that establishment, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and your pain and suffering – particularly if it is clear that the staff or the ownership of that particular establishment were responsible in some way, either by way of negligence or by intentional acts for the injury that you sustained. If you’ve been injured in that type of establishment for whatever reason or by any cause, certainly reach out to our office as we have dealt with those issues in the past.