The Potential Financial Costs of an Auto Accident Injury

When you’re involved in an auto accident, whether it be minor or catastrophic, the potential costs can be staggering. In addition to pain from an array of car crash injuries you and your family may suffer, an auto accident can inflict catastrophic damage to your pocketbook.

According to a Federal Highway Administration report, car accident expenses vary widely, depending on the severity of damage and injury. However, even a minor collision that produced no injuries could require drivers to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $8,000 in fines and property damage. Unfortunately, these numbers only go up when injuries come into play.

Baseline Costs of Common Car Accident Injury Care

After suffering a car wreck you have a choice to make. Will you hire an experienced injury attorney like the McDaniel Law Group, PLLC to pursue an injury claim? Or will you trust the insurance company to do well by you?

Once you see the types of expenses your accident may require, that choice should become a lot easier—after all, do you want to chance your financial future by hoping all of your injury costs will be covered, or do you want to ensure that your settlement will pay for your recovery?

Potential costs to consider include:

  • The ambulance. A 15-minute ride from the crash scene to the hospital can wind up costing you between $200 and $2,000 (plus gas).
  • Minor wound care such as stitches, casts, and braces can range anywhere from $250 to $750.
  • Traction for injured spines or legs can cost up to $350 per session, with a minimum 10 sessions required.
  • Physical therapy for sprains, breaks, and muscle trauma generally costs around $100 per session. Considering how a standard PT schedule runs for at least six weeks, at a minimum you would be forced to spend $600 for care. However, depending on the severity of the injury, your therapist may recommend several weekly sessions—and the costs quickly add up.
  • Psychological therapy to calm anxiety or PTSD can vary anywhere from $50 an hour to as much as $500 an hour. Of course, this depends upon the counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, as well as the amount of therapy needed.
  • Even minor surgery can cost upwards of one, two, or even three thousand dollars, while more extensive surgery (brain, spinal, invasive, etc.) can potentially cost over $20,000 per procedure.
  • At-home care for extensive injuries or permanent disabilities can cost between $3,000 and $8,000 a month, depending on the care needed

All in all, the bills can drastically begin to add up. A single moment could potentially be the most expensive few seconds of your entire life—and it would have been someone else’s fault. Now, do you really think that you should be made to pay for the consequences of someone else’s blunder?

Thoughts on Your Family Paying (In More Ways Than One) for Another’s Mistake

Thousands of people are seriously injured every year in auto accidents caused by other drivers’ mistakes. Given the fact that a simple mistake and a split second is all it would take to ruin your family’s life, do you think that you should also be forced to literally pay for the consequences caused by another? In addition to pain and frustration, should your bank account take a hit as well? How about your future?

Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to try to take advantage of auto accident claimants, making it nearly impossible for them to get the care and recovery settlement they deserve. Do you think this is fair?

Let us know your thoughts by leaving your opinions and concerns in the comment section provided. We’re extremely interested in knowing how you feel about accident injury costs and settlements. Give us a call at 877-620-3644, or come visit us at our downtown D.C. office for more information on how we can help you get the proper settlement for your family’s complete recovery.