The Presumption of Innocence Is No Longer Guaranteed

The Los Angeles Times once said that the presumption of innocence was one of the “core principles of an advanced society.” In the United States, we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is what our entire legal system is based on and thus the burden of proof lies with the Plaintiff. Accused offenders may not be convicted unless each element of the offense can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, in today’s society, a mere accusation of a crime is enough to have you condemn you publically and have you ostracized from society.

Social Media Trials

Presumption of InnocenceAn accusation of a crime, such as sexual assault, is often enough to ruin a person’s image, reputation, and relationships. Consider Star Trek actor George Takei. He was accused of a sexual assault crime that occurred in 1981. Immediately, social media branded him a sexual deviant. There was no trial, no chance to prove his side of the story, and he vehemently denies the claims.

Where Was the Presumption of Innocence?

Trial by media is a threat to the administration of justice in this country and erodes the rights of accused individuals. Pundits and news commentators take to social media to offer their opinions on trials, often without any hard facts or evidence. Their voices sway public opinion and make it even more difficult for those accused to receive a fair trial. As such, many accused individuals take plea deals and serve time for crimes they didn’t commit. Even when they are found innocent and exonerated, their lives are never quite the same.

Why Presumption of Innocence Matters

Police don’t always get it right. They don’t always arrest the right person and sometimes people make false claims. It’s because of this that presumption of innocence matters. Yet while this concept may protect you in a court of law, it doesn’t protect you in our society.

Being accused of a crime, such as sexual assault or child pornography, is often enough to cost you your job, your relationships, and your reputation. Innocent people accused of a crime may suddenly find themselves facing serious penalties and consequences, even if they are later found to be not guilty.

Have You Been Falsely Accused of a Crime?

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