New Ridesharing Option in Washington D.C. Aims to Protect Passengers’ Rights

Ridesharing AccidentWhen you consider the cost of owning a car in Washington D.C., not to mention the city’s chronic traffic problems, it comes as no surprise that ridesharing is extremely popular in the area. Major ridesharing providers like Uber and Lyft have been plagued by scandal, however. Reports of ridesharing accidents and assaults frequently make the news, which is why Safr is launching in Washington D.C. and many other cities around the country in the fall of 2018.

Accident Prevention

Ridesharing companies are supposed to screen drivers to prevent people with questionable driving histories from signing up to work. Companies like Uber use private background screens to look into drivers’ past convictions and moving violations. Unfortunately, these screens are not thorough enough to catch all convictions and tickets. As a result, some drivers with suspended licenses, DUI convictions, and reckless driving charges have been found on the platform in different parts of the country.

Safr hopes to minimize the risk of ridesharing accidents in Washington D.C. by putting drivers through a personal vetting process that includes criminal background checks and driving history checks. These rigorous screening requirements, which include in-person interviews and driving sessions, should keep accident-prone drivers off of the platform and improve safety for passengers.

Protecting Women from Ridesharing Crime

Sexual and violent assault reports have followed major ridesharing providers since their inception. To combat that, Safr provides a women-only platform that makes it easier for women to feel safe while enjoying the convenience of ridesharing. Built-in safety features include color matching, which assigns each ride a color to ensure that passengers get in the right car. This is welcome news in Washington D.C., where a rider once mistook a car for a ridesharing vehicle and got trapped inside. The app also includes ride tracking to prevent drivers from deviating from their routes, as well as an SOS button that allows both drivers and passengers to call for emergency help during a ride.

Recovering from a Ridesharing Accident in Washington D.C.

No matter which ridesharing service you utilize, a car crash is a very real possibility. Since ridesharing is relatively new for many passengers, it can be difficult to know what your rights are if an accident occurs. Drivers have commercial insurance through the companies they drive for, and these insurance policies should cover passengers’ medical expenses and other costs after a crash.

Despite this, many victims find it difficult to get what they truly deserve in the wake of an accident. Insurance companies often try to minimize costs, and put them through the stress of negotiating, providing documentation, and recounting the crash. Even after meeting all of the insurance company’s requirements, you may still get an offer that is far less than what your accident truly costs you.

Having an experienced ridesharing accident attorney will make it easier for you to focus on your recovery, since your lawyer will:

  • Contact witnesses
  • Collect documentation from medical professionals
  • Assess the damages you suffered after your crash
  • Negotiate with insurance providers

Get the Support You Need After a Ridesharing Accident

After a car crash, you need to act quickly to get the medical care you need while simultaneously protecting your legal rights. Let The McDaniel Law Group, PLLC handle your ridesharing case while you focus on moving forward. Call (202) 875-8361 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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