Injured in a Public Establishment? Common Types of Premises Liability Cases

Those who are injured while on a public commercial property often have legal recourse to bring a personal injury case to help cover the costs of care, lost wages and more. These types of cases are commonly referred to as “business premises liability” injury cases.

The idea is that the owners and managers of a business have a responsibility to make their business properties safe for customers and visitors. Premises liability can also apply to private property, depending on various factors, including whether a person was invited to enter by the property owner.

When injury happens on a business property, personal injury lawyers will carefully consider whether to bring a case against the property’s owner or owners, on-site managers or directly responsible business leaders, or both. Here are some common situations where injury victims bring personal injury cases against a business.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of premises liability claim. The prevalence of these claims has led to the big and brightly colored “wet floor” signs so often used in stores, hospitals, government offices or other public buildings. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show slip and fall accidents are a major component of public injuries, constituting up to nearly one third of workplace accidents.

Business managers have a responsibility to prevent and maintain wet, slippery or sticky surfaces that could cause a person to fall. Snow and ice control is a major part of this responsibility. Business leaders also need to assess cases where an installation or piece of equipment could cause a leak of some kind of substance onto floors, handrails or bannisters, or other surfaces.

A variant of the slip and fall case, called “trip and fall”, happens when items such as products or building materials are negligently left in places where an injury victim trips over them.

Dog Bite Accidents

Animal owners need to protect others from their pets, whether they are kept in a home or in a business. Dog bite cases can also be part of premises liability.

Burns and Shocks

Another major type of premises liability case is a scalding injury case. Business managers need to keep any extremely hot items or liquids away from areas where a visitor could come into improper contact with them. Burns are also a major category of injury case; the Injury Prevention Center documents the fact that over 100,000 children are treated for unintentional burns annually.

The same is true for unsecured electrical charges or high voltage equipment. An electrical injury can also be an example of a premises liability injury case.

Vehicular and Trauma Injuries

Premises liability cases also happen in parking lots.

An injury victim who is hit by a vehicle may find that parking lots were neglected, that signage was not properly maintained, or that scattered materials or outdoor objects blocked the sight distance on a driveway. Many of these cases can have a premises liability element.

Other types of trauma may involve heavy hanging objects, improper installation of equipment, promotional items or other gear, or a public area that is not maintained in a safe manner. When traumatic injury results, injury lawyers may assess the case on their client’s behalf.

Legal Help for Public Establishment Injury

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