What Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Do for You?

For someone who has been charged with a crime, or someone who is uncomfortable about an interaction with law enforcement, a criminal defense lawyer can be a very real and important asset.

Through every step of a criminal defense case, beginning with initial accusations and ending with legal resolution, professional criminal defense lawyers play key roles in helping their clients to navigate a certain court system in a judicial jurisdiction.

Here are some of the most important ways that criminal defense lawyers serve their clients.

Listening and Learning

One of the first services that criminal defense attorneys provide is often in the initial consultations. Here, they listen to the client and learn about what happened, in order to apply their important legal analysis later on. While this helps in the initial building of a criminal defense strategy, it also can help the client to start understanding more about the process. The consultation can be a first step toward helping the client deal with various strong emotions that often come up in response to a criminal charge.

Anticipating Outcomes

In the following weeks after the initial consultation, criminal defense lawyers continue to build the legal strategy, utilizing specific professional knowledge about how the courts work. They can start to fill the client in on what he or she can realistically expect in court, to create a vital ‘reality check’ for someone who doesn’t really understand what their criminal charges mean.

As the professional criminal defense lawyer explains charges, he or she can help the client to start understanding how his or her life will change as a result of the criminal charges.

Advocacy in Court

Being able to advocate for a client in court is one of the most important things that a criminal defense attorney does. It’s also one of the things that most people first think of when they think about the value of having a good lawyer on their side.

For example, a good criminal defense lawyer can help to negotiate a favorable plea deal. Plea deals are very important options for many people who are charged with crimes, regardless of the severity or extent of the charges. Good plea deals can erase prison time for many sentences, and otherwise lighten the end result for someone fighting a criminal charge. Information from Nolo shows that up to 90% of convictions in American courts are done through plea deals or plea bargaining.

These lawyers can also network with judges and other parties to create a favorable sentencing program. They will look at what type of sentencing can best support the client and allow him or her to continue working or fulfilling family responsibilities.

Essentially, a good criminal defense lawyer is there for a client in more than one way. The lawyer is a core resource for actually getting better judicial outcomes and having a voice in a court of law. But the lawyer can also be an emotional resource for someone feeling confused, frightened or angry. Talking out the details of the case with someone who has abundant legal experience can help, and a defense lawyer can explain to a client what’s going on every step of the way.

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