How Is a Trial Lawyer is Different from a General Attorney

In many different types of legal cases, you may hear experts discuss the value of trial lawyers in a court process.

Lawyer Different From a General AttorneyIn a general sense, trial lawyers are important because they show the opposing side that there is legal firepower behind a particular case or claim. A trial lawyer may handle a case on an ongoing basis, alone or with a team, and prepare to go to trial if necessary.

Settlements and Insurance Situations

Experienced attorneys know that many corporate defendants and other parties often prefer to settle a legal case out of court. Companies avoid going to trial, and they avoid all of the extensive visibility and damage to reputation that may come with that process. In fact, with the right settlement, a defendant may ultimately pay less than they would going through an entire trial process.

One of the most common examples of this is when a plaintiff is trying to get money from an insurance company. Insurance companies are supposed to pay for claims on the policies that provide – but they often find reasons to limit or deny payouts. Policyholders then hire their own lawyers to pressure the insurance company to pay. They may become plaintiffs in a trial to compel higher payments, or they may put pressure on the company to offer a higher settlement.

The Process of Negotiation

In the process of negotiating the above types of cases, a trial lawyer is important because he or she will put pressure on the defense. A trial lawyer will show that unless the negotiation process takes place in good faith, the plaintiff will go to court and pursue a trial.

If someone is bringing a case without a trial lawyer, the defense may see that as a weakness. They may feel that they don’t need to pay as much, or negotiate as fairly, because they’re not facing the immediate threat of going to court and participating in a trial. That said, negotiations vary widely, depending on many different factors. This resource from Nolo describes a type of negotiation in an injury case.

A look at a page such as this one from Trial Lawyer Magazine shows clearly how trial lawyers have been able to get major settlements for their clients in various types of situations including vehicle accidents, medical malpractice situations and other scenarios where the victim was able to get legal resolution by utilizing the services of a competent and professional trial lawyer. Many of those who are going in for an initial consultation on a legal case know that they need to secure legal counsel that is ready and willing to go to trial if necessary.

Getting Help from Professional Trial Lawyers

In any type of case that may need to go to trial, get qualified legal assistance by calling the criminal defense lawyers at The McDaniel Law Group, PLLC at 202-331-0793. Talk to experienced attorneys who understand the settlement and negotiation process, as well as how to work through local courts. Having good counsel on your side will help you pursue justice aggressively, and have a voice in a court of law.