Criminal Defense for Protesting and Disorderly Conduct

Charges of disorderly conduct are fairly common in Washington D.C. Since the definition of this offense is so broad, it can apply to several situations. If law enforcement officers

become annoyed by you and think you are creating a disturbance or nuisance, then disorderly conduct is usually the go-to criminalcharge for you to be arrested.

Criminal Defense for Protesting and Disorderly Conduct

While disorderly conduct charges can arise from you partying too much, they are also common charges for visitors to Washington DC who are participating in protests or marches.If you are ever arrested while you are participating in a group protest, you should hire a criminal defense attorney to learn about your rights, and have someone on your side who will work to protect those rights.

The Adverse Effects of Disorderly Conduct Charges

Regardless of the situation, if you are facing criminal charges of any kind it can hurt your record and follow you in the future.

Any conviction on your record is something that may affect your life moving forward. The goal with these charges is to find a way to avoid them going on your permanent record. The right attorney can assist you with this.

Laws and Penalties Related to Disorderly Conduct in Washington DC

If the prosecution has any probable cause that you committed one of the acts listed below, then you may be facing misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges:

  • Acted to offend, annoy, interfere or disturb others
  • Caused a disturbance while on public transportation
  • Gathered with other people on a public street and refused to move after being ordered to by the police
  • Physically interfered with another person by jostling them, placing your hands near their possessions or crowding them
  • Made noise or shouted at night in an effort to annoy or disturb

If your charge results in you being convicted, then you may face fines of as much as $250 and up to 90 days in jail.

Indecent and Profane Language/Unlawful Assembly

This is another example of a catch-all offense and you may face charges of unlawful assembly if you gather with others around a park, public building or in a street and engage in any type of rude comments, obscene gesturing or loud behavior while other people are passing by or if you use profane language in public where others can hear you. This is also a misdemeanor charge and carries a $250 fine and up to 90 days in jail.

In some cases, being in a crowd causes some to get carried away and act in a manner that is out of character. Unfortunately, if this happens to you, you may be arrested and face disorderly conduct or other charges. These types of occurrences can even happen during seemingly peaceful protests.