Arrested on Probation

Being arrested while on probation is a serious matter. Criminal defendants facing this type of scenario need to understand the possible consequences of an arrest that constitutes a violation of probation in prior sentencing. It’s important to have professional and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers on your side to explain the process.

While many of those who are arrested in Washington D.C. may get a fairly low bond, some may find that the bond conditions are too financially difficult. Someone who is arrested on probation needs to understand whether they may be held with a high bond or no bond, or whether their probation status will increase bond requirements.

Probation Hearings and Other Practicalities

In terms of process, criminal defendants need to understand when they will face a probation hearing, and how that process will work.

Probation Many defendants who are arrested while on probation will have two cases against them at the same time. They will face a new charge, while also facing an additional charge of probation violation.

In any arrest situation in Washington, D.C., there’s also the process of figuring out case status. D.C. record keepers will show whether any of the following applies to a given arrest: whether an arrestee was released on citation, released on bond, or whether, for smaller charges, someone who was charged was able to forfeit collateral as part of a minor traffic charge or minor criminal offense.

Probation Violation Consequences

As experienced criminal defense lawyers know, judges in Washington D.C. and elsewhere understand the essential idea of probation as a warning measure for criminal charges. Judges set many probation conditions at the time of sentencing, and the philosophy is that any violation of these conditions will trigger more serious criminal prosecution. Long probation times can increase the difficulty of complying with a defendant’s full probation requirements, and not violating the terms of the probation.

Some courts may act to revoke the person’s probation and impose a full suspended sentence. Re-arrest after probation can also impair someone’s ability to negotiate a plea bargain agreement.

Help with Arrest on Probation

If you are facing any kind of criminal charge after an arrest and are currently on probation from a past charge, talk to the lawyers at the McDaniel Law Group PLLC. Our skilled attorneys have experience advising clients on how to deal with one of these potentially difficult legal situations. We understand the responsibility to fully inform and assist clients who are working to understand their responsibilities and their rights while courts are evaluating their probation status. Call 202-331-0793 and talk to the McDaniel Law Group about the way forward to getting clear of new criminal charges, and avoiding probation violation if possible.

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